The children are plotting…please help.

We had a quiet Thanksgiving, celebrated on Friday evening with our Intern, Lindsey, and one of our teammates Susan.  Being that Costa Ricans don’t celebrate this holiday, all three of the boys had school all week which didn’t exactly help it to feel like Thanksgiving, although the weather has been rather cool (like 76, haha – chilly for us) and very windy, giving it a kind of “autumn-ish” feel.  Interestingly enough, we are actually entering the warmer, dryer summer months right now.  In fact, Dylan and Jamison are enjoying their first week of summer break as I write this. Yes, you heard right.  They will be home from November 30th until mid February.  With me.  All day.  Sadly, Stephen is on a traditional north american schedule, so he will have about 3 weeks for Christmas and New Years, and then it’s back to school for him until June.  

You realize what this means don’t you?  It means that I will never sleep in again.  I will be up at 5:30 making breakfast and packing lunches and scrambling to find matching socks and shouting “have you brushed your teeth yet?” for the rest of my life.  No summer break for Mom – that’s what it means!  
It blows, but I think I’ll live.  I’m far more worried right now about how I will be entertaining the two younger boys for the next 10 weeks.  They are already plotting against me….I just know it.  And if I don’t think of something soon it’s unlikely that I will survive this weird excessively long December/January summer break.  Its already been two days and I’m out of ideas. Yesterday I thought I came up with a very cool idea that would be fun and kill loads of time.  I called the boys downstairs and offered them this challenge: juggle a soccer ball 50 time consecutively – earn $10.  I thought this was great because it’s something that they would have to practice at every day, it gets them outside (or at least into the garage) and it’s good exercise.  And – major bonus – they could earn a little dough.  I thought they’d be stoked.  And Dylan was.  That kid practically flew up the stairs, returning in seconds with his pumas and a ball.  As he was tying his shoes he was making a list of the things he would by with the $10 he was sure he could earn by the end of the day.  Jamison wasn’t quite as enthusiastic.  He sat down and cried.  He does this thing, this half crying half whining thing when he’s upset.  It drives me nuts.  And, it makes his voice go up and down from high pitched whines to really low cries of despair.  
MOOOOOmmm, I could nEEEVVEEEErrr juggle a ball 50 times!!!  It’s not faaaiiiiiirrrr.  Even when I trrryyyyyy I can’t do it!”  
And this went on for about 4 minutes which is exactly as long as it took Dylan to realize that this proposition wasn’t going to be as easy as he had planned.  So he gave up and came inside. My great idea managed to burn a total of 10 minutes of the 2 1/2 month break.  What am I gonna do???  Any help would be appreciated!  I need some ideas people!!!
Thank God we’ll be having visitors this month – Steve’s parents the week before Christmas, and my brother and his girlfriend for 2 weeks over New Years.  These visits will be the highlight of our year and they couldn’t come at a better time!  Not only will it be super fun to have family around, but they give us an awesome excuse to do some of the things we love while the kids are out of school.  We can hardly wait!  
Okay, better get moving.  It’s like 8:07am and they are already starting to pace.  I think today I’ll offer them a new challenge:  Anyone who can make it through the entire day without doing that whiney crying thing gets to live…


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  1. Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras on December 4, 2008 at 8:02 am

    Girl – I laughed out LOUD at your written example of the whine! It was a piece of art! You should keep that and frame it! I don’t know about your electronic status at this point but I have an idea. You have a camera with a video option? Have them film a movie. They could make a script, come up with a plot, story line, character development, etc. then film it! What do you think? Should take at least a week?!

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