Back to normal

Okay.  So I feel like I’ve been off the radar for a while.  A long while.  We’ve been hosting visitors and celebrating Christmas and hosting more visitors since mid-December.  As sad as I was that we had to say goodbye I’m actually pretty excited to get back to real life.  In particular, I’m excited to get back to the kids in el precario.  I can’t wait to get out there again. To bring breakfast for the kiddos, and shout “Silencio!” twenty times before explaining the rules of the game or the steps of the craft, and have their grubby little fingers in my hands while we play or sit and listen to a story together.

I am especially excited because the girls in my small group really want to go out there and help us.  We took our small group to help with the Christmas party that was thrown for the kids in a field by their little shanty town.  More than 200 kids showed up to eat hotdogs and play games and, of course, get a present.  And our small group students fell in love with them, just as I have.  I am stoked.  For me, this is a huge opportunity to spend time with the girls in my group. And the fact that they will be serving and helping in their own community just makes me that much more happy.  I feel like I’m on the verge of something cool.  The very thing I came down here for.  I feel hopeful and a little restless.  I can hardly wait to get out there again.
Steve is back at the office, always with lots to do and his phone ringing off the hook.  He’s busy. Stephen had a 3 week holiday break and is back at school, and the 2 younger boys are home on summer break.  So all in all we are back to normal.  I guess I better get myself back to normal as well.  I have all the “normal” piles of laundry, windows with fingerprints, and dirty toilettes waiting for me to get back to real life.  


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