Sometimes, someone makes a difference…

Most of the time, the world is funny to me. Funny how we all go about our business – self-absorbed, oblivious, indifferent – it makes me laugh. Funny how it seems like everybody has a “cause” these days. Funny how everyone wants to do something, save Africa, Indonesia, Inner-City New Jersey, or Costa Rica, end hunger, dig a well, cure AIDS. And funny how once in while, something really and truly good comes out of it, despite us. Occasionally – after tons of people talk about it and then a bunch of people give toward it, and because a few organized it and a handful erected it – a well is built, or a vaccine is given, or whatever. Someone’s life is changed because someone else decided it was important enough. I think it’s funny to me, because it’s easier to say “it’s funny, isn’t it”, than it is for me to change. I know that might sound weird since I actually live in an emerging country and my job is supposed to “make an impact” or something. But, it’s funny to me that, I’m one of the most screwed up people I know, and I’m here “making an impact”, while all the normal people are, like,…at Starbucks.

Ok, not ALL of the normal people are at Starbucks (but a butt-ton of them are!). Today, I want to introduce you to Mark. He’s a normal guy, with a cause. But he’s not just talking about his cause, or giving toward it. And he’s not just organizing it, or even just doing it (sorry Nike®). He’s actually doing all of those things at once, by recruiting and mobilizing others to engage in the plight of refugees worldwide.

Please check out

Find out what’s really happening in the world. Your world. Yes, there are refugees hidden in your own back yard. Maybe if you know about what is happening to these men, women and children, you will make refugees your cause. Maybe, because you talk about it, or give toward it, or help to organize the effort to do something, an impact will be made.
Maybe if you do something, a life will be changed.
Maybe that life will be a young woman’s. Maybe it will be a young child’s. Maybe it will be yours…


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  1. Izzy on July 19, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    I thought "butt-ton" could be made into a new word, but then it would look like "buttton" and nobody wants that many T's in a word. Nobody.

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