Waffle x Toast = Belgexan

Today I’m honored to be guest posting for the Belgexans. They’re, basically, what happens when Texas Toast marries a Belgian Waffle. I know, it sounds kinda scary, but I think you’ll really like them. Plus? Their kids are super cute. And blogs featuring cute kids are way more enjoyable than blogs featuring ugly kids. Believe me.
But here’s the thing, I sent the post to Des last night at like 3am, and then I was crazy busy all day with Father’s Day and junk, and then we had overnight guests arrive at our house, and then I ate 4 brownies, and then everyone went to bed except for me cause I wanted to write this post to link to my guest post at the Belgaxans, so I reread the guest post so that I could say something relevant about it in the link post, and guess what!? …I absolutely hated it. I think it’s awful.
And now I’m so bummed.
But I hope you’ll still go and read “I’m a missionary, get out of my way!” and I hope you don’t hate it, too, but either way, I really, really hope you’ll leave funny, clever, encouraging comments over there so that their peeps know how cool the VWM community is!
(Actually, I hope you like it. Actually? I hope God likes it. …But if you like it, too, that would be, like…a bonus, ya know?) Ok, go… go read it. *bites nails*


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