I’m gonna need more bleach.

Our trip to Disney World was completely awesome.
My sister and her boyfriend flew in from Louisville to join us for the fun, and I spent 4 days on the brink of peeing my pants from laughing so hard.

I’m dying to post about it, but we got home to learn that leaving all your windows closed for 5 days in the middle of Costa Rica’s rainy season is a really bad idea. Like really bad. When we opened the front door we were smacked in the face with….funk. The kind of funk that makes you pull your shirt up over your nose while you run around spraying Lysol and yanking windows open with gusto.


There is mold on everything. The walls in the laundry room are black, there’s something white and furry growing down from our windows, and it appears that my oldest son’s bedroom has grown eyes. It could only be creepier in this place if there was a sad clown sitting on the couch. It’s kind of terrifying.

So anyway, today, instead of writing I’m gonna wash the whole house with bleach. Yeah… Try not to be jealous.

Oh. And this is what happens when you let my family into a major theme park.

I told you. It was completely awesome. More on that later…


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