Things I’ve been doing instead of blogging.

Filing. I sorted through the last three years of filing. Sounds exciting, right? That’s every piece of paper we’ve held onto for whatever reason for three whole years. And I threw most of it away.…because that’s how I file.

Burning things. I burned the stuff from the filing that couldn’t be thrown out safely. I also burned dinner and while I was burning it, I burned my thumb, and then I burned the roof of my mouth – because when food is practically on fire, common sense says, “Taste it, now!” In case that wasn’t enough burned stuff, I dropped my youngest child off at a swim party without any sun block and I got him burned, too.

Window shopping. We’re going to NorCal for Christmas. We’re fortunate to be able to get “home” once a year, but what comes along with that trip is a loooong list of things that we buy when we’re in the U.S. This includes shoes and clothes for all of us, ministry supplies, toiletries like contact lens solution and shaving cream (and other junk that’s crazy expensive in C.R.), and enough books to get us through the next year. So, I’ve been refining the list, and trying to figure out what we can pick up while we’re there and what we need to order online based on what’s cheapest and blah, blah, blah… It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s a total time suck.

Feeling confounded by Twitter. …which sumultaneously bores me and intrigues me.

Reading your blog. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed clicking through the links left in comments on the other day’s post. I still haven’t gotten through them all, but I love lurking around in your lives and getting to know what you’re about as individuals. It’s been cool. Gotta admit – I’m kind of intimidated knowing how much smarter and… you are than me. Anyway, stalking is fun.

Being a total bitch. I’ve been super cranky. And I knew I was being lame, so I apologized to El Chupacabra, but he had already been dealing with my attitude for daaays, so now he’s super cranky. This is how we do things.

Wanting to write a blog, but not finding the right words, so not writing it. All I wanted was to point you to this post, by El Chupacabra. But I didn’t want to just send you over there. I wanted to tell you about how he continues to inspire me, and show you how this post is a perfect example of this thing he does where he values people and loves them without ever using them to fill quotas for “ministry” sake. It’s half written, but my words never seem to do justice to El Chupacabra’s strengths.

Wasting time on awesome junk, like:

This must read book by Big Foot, I Not Dead.

This version of In Christ Alone, by Owl City. (I dig his breathy, robot voice!)

This Light Bright video from David Crowder Band.

Missing Halloween. I want to make a HUGE pot of chili and a pan of corn bread, and dress the whole family up like zombies or ninjas or blue-faced-Bravehearted warriors in skirts, and spend an entire evening laughing with our neighbors – both on their doorstep and on ours – sipping hot mulled wine with the grown-ups and splitting rolls of Smarties with the kids. Oh, and I want to carve a pumpkin! I always used to think pumpkin carving was such a huge, messy pain in the ass, but now I think of it as a hand made sign that says, “All are welcome!” And that’s exactly what I want my neighbors to think when they glance toward my door.

Aaaand that’s about it. If you bothered reading all that, I’m sorry.

Your turn:
1. What have you been up to?
2. If you could only buy ONE book for the coming year, which would it be? (The Bible doesn’t count, don’t be a suck up!)
3. What are you doing for Halloween? Am I invited?


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