The Big “O”

Sometimes I fake it.

I’ve found nothing more satisfying, more exhilarating, more rock-your-world-amazing – Oh!, and when El Chupacabra and I do it at the same time, ¡Holy-Matrimony, Batman!, it doesn’t get any better than that! I just love it…and I want to do it as often as humanly possible. But still, I fake it. I find myself lacking effort, sort of unwilling to give what it takes to accomplish the big “O”, even though I want it so bad. Sometimes it’s just easier to fake.

I almost feel like this is kind of taboo, ya know?…like nobody wants to talk about…*ahem*….


There. I said it.

I’m all too happy to discuss things like grace and mercy. I just love a bit about worship, and I really dig hearing all about my freedom in Christ. Go ahead, send me a link to anything called “God’s promises for me” and I’ll mass email it to everyone I’ve ever met. But, please, let’s not talk about obedience. I don’t really like being told what to do, and I especially don’t like doing what I’m told to do. In fact, if I had to pick a life slogan, I’d choose Eric Cartman’s, “WHATEVAH!! I’ll do what I WANT! It probably wouldn’t look quite as charming stenciled around the kitchen as the more common “Live well, Love much, Laugh Often”, but I find it inspirational, nonetheless.

And there’s the rub. I’m a seeker of God. My heart wants nothing more than to learn His will and serve Him accordingly. And I mean that, sincerely. But then it comes down to actually choosing His desires for the world over my own, and I realize that – even though I’ve already known the pleasure of Obedience – I’m not always interested in doing the work associated with achieving it.

I can honesty say that, in all my life, the times that I recall as the most rich are when I’ve been smack in the middle of obeying God. My closest and most intimate friendships have all been born of our mutual efforts in obedience to God. The most awesome spans of my marriage are marked by the times we’ve been obedient to God, you know…. simultaneously. I’m definitely not saying those were the easiest times. I could probably say the opposite – Obedience is damned hard. When I’m actively obeying God, it generally comes with an uncomfortable amount of sacrifice. It usually means being more generous than I’d like, being more available than I want, and doing stuff for other people….even people I don’t care for. But I’ve noticed that the more intentional I am about Obedience, the easier it gets. It starts to feel more natural. And then something amazing happens…

Yes, yes, yes!!! It’s Multiple-Obedience.

No, it’s not a myth. I’ve experienced it myself. Multiple-Obedience is achieved when you’re actively obeying God in many areas of your life. And I’m not kidding when I say this – Nothing can compare with the depth of pleasure derived from lining up your whole life with God’s will – it will leave you overflowing with Faith, Hope, and Love.

But you can’t have it both ways. If your goal is Obedience, you can’t phone it in. If you think you can just show up on Sunday morning and stick your hands in the air during the third song, you’re wrong. That’s faking it. If you think you can simply waltz into Bible Study with a tray of double-chocolate-chunk-brownies, you’re faking it – and you are good! but still, faking it. If you think you can put on a lusty voice and say all the right words during corporate prayer, you are so faking it. And yeah, that might get you by for a little while. It might even please the people you fake it for. But in the end, your shallow faith will leave you feeling fragile and insecure. You’ll end up wearing a thin façade of Christian-ness that isn’t worth its weight in Tom’s.

But obedience will treat you right. Obedience has never left me feeling used and it’s never left me empty, because the foundation of Obedience is built not on whether or not other Christians are impressed by me, but on whether or not God is pleased with me.

I still fake it sometimes. I don’t know why. That’s my silly nature, I guess – So easily convinced to sell itself short for what’s easy rather than what is amazing.


Anyone want to join me in a big “O” challenge for the rest of the month? It’s not hard, just seek God first, then CHOOSE HIM every moment of every day for the next three weeks.

Are you in?… Anyone?… Anyone?…. Bueller?…


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