Deep fried awesome.

Look. I’m not one to brag – you can click through the history on the VWM and find pages and pages of whiny, tortured self-loathing. But today?Today? Today, I am completely awesome. Because.

I… made…. these.

Hohohooo YeahI deep fried those mothers!!
I have never deep fried anything in my entire life, until 3 hours ago. I don’t even normally eat fried stuff. I’m that annoying female that pulls all the skin off chicken. I’ve left a ring of empty bun on every McDonald’s tray that’s ever held my cheeseburger. I’m that chick that uses a napkin to sop the grease off pizza. My point is that I am the last person to have a hankerin’ for straight up carnival food.

But, we were talking the other day about stuff we miss and the word “corn dog” came up about 15 times. There’s not a whole lot I can do to ease my kid’s homesickness on a hard day. But I can cook. It didn’t take much to mix up a batter and heat up a ridiculous amount of oil. But my family was ecstatic over the results.

El Chupacabra looked at me amorously between bites, lips glistening with grease, cornbread crumbs in his beard. He whispered, “You are so incredibly sexy”. And I was like, “You’re just saying that because I made deep fried food for dinner.” He was quiet for a minute, then he said, “Ok. That’s true…. but you are kinda cute.” So there you go ladies – The path to a man’s heart is found in a battered and fried wiener on a stick.


It’s no wiener on a stick, but here are a couple of other things that brought a smile to my face this week, and since I can’t give you a piping hot, homemade corn dog, I’m giving you these:

This needs no explanation:

This is completely…. just watch it:

This has some… *ahem*… coarse language (if you speak Spanish it’s way coarse), but this song makes me want to crack a Cuba Libre and fire up the grill for a night with friends and carne asada:

So, making those corn dogs and watching these stupid youtube videos with my kids (excepting Cypress Hill) are among the things that brought me a little joy this week. And I’m grateful.

What have you been smiling about this week? Did you write an awesome post? find a hilarious video? stumble upon an amazing web page/podcast/album/recipe? Share! I love your links!


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