Tripp Crosby thinks I’m funny.

It’s true.

Tripp Crosby thinks I’m funny – he said so himself. And he’s a comedian or something, so he must know who’s funny and who’s not. And not only that, but he’s hosting me on his blog today.
Yup, it’s a guest post…. *sigh*
If you’ve been around for any of my other guest posts, you already know that doing this makes my palms sweaty. The thought of bombing on someone else’s blog is just sooooooo… *ugh!*
So do me a favor; Go read it – and then, be as generous over there as you normally are here with your comments, stories, and quips. Who knows?! If your comment is clever enough, maybe someday Tripp Crosby will tell the internet you’re funny. How awesome would that be?! (*hint – It’s pretty damned cool.)
So go read my post, Speedo Guy, on Tripp’s blog. Please?….. seriously…Please?

Ok. I gave you, like, 18 links to get there. <---- that's another one. This could not be easier for you.

ps. If you’re one of the 3 people on the planet patiently awaiting a promised guest post, please know I wrote this for Tripp waaaaay back in November when my brain still knew how to make words. So, don’t quit me – I’ll get it done. I hope. No, I will. I’m doing it right now…..or soon.


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