Butt-rockets, BlogRocket, and no advice from the VWM.

Sometimes, in passing, my real life people ask me “how the blogging is going”. I never really know what to say. I usually say something stupid like, “Um. It’s going.” or “It’s alright.”

But there’s this episode of The Simpsons where Homer helps launch the musical career of country crooner Lurleen Lumpkin but Lurleen’s Dad steals her song and sells it to the Dixie Chicks and then you hear a radio DJ intro the song by saying, “Here’s a song that’s rising faster than a rocket with a rocket up its butt.” And that’s what I really wanna say whenever anyone asks me how the blogging is going:

“Oh, the blog? It has really taken off…. faster than a rocket with a rocket up its butt.” *snicker*

I know some people have been following along as the VWM has grown, scratching their heads in confusion, asking themselves, “Why her? Why Jamie?! With her crap drivel and bad grammar? Why not me?! Why not my blog?” I’ve even received PM’s from friends who have written to me (in the Facebook version of a drunk dial) that they just didn’t get it, that they were jealous in the “not at all happy for you” kind of way. What can I say?! Sorry?…Trust me, I can’t explain it either.

I honestly don’t know much about blogging. I don’t have any idea what makes one blog take off while another (perhaps of better quality and content) languishes quietly in a cyber-corner. When people ask me for blogging advice I think, “Why are you asking ME?! There must be someone better qualified to answer your blogging questions!”

And, fortunately, now there is.
Bryan Allain has been blogging for ages. How many ages? I’m not sure because I’m too lazy to go figure it out… but ages. The guy knows blogging. And he’s launching a whole new community just to teach and support bloggers that share one great aspiration: To have a blog that takes off like a rocket with a rocket up its butt.
BlogRocket promises to be a big help to bloggers looking to expand their platform. (<—- that’s totally a blogging word, I looked it up.) So go check it out!
If you register, you’ll get some stuff for free (eBook!) and a chance to win some stuff ($). So there’s that. But most of all, you’ll have access to the answers and advice you may be looking for for your own blog.

I truly believe that every one of us could, given the right set of circumstances, have a butt-rocket blog – So this is an awesome resource for bloggers… or wannabe bloggers… or lame missionaries who aren’t bloggers but have blogs. May you find God’s favor in your blogging efforts!

Do you have a blog that you’d love to see take off? Leave us a link! Then, leave your best piece of advice for bloggers, based on your experience.


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  1. SuzRocks on March 28, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    So sometimes I get a bit jealous of you…but in a good way. In a "Man why didn't I really start blogging when I was the very worst missionary?" sort of way.

    And then I realize I would've actually gotten kicked out of the whole missionary club, for reasons I shan't write in public. So really, you're really the BEST Very worst missionary, and you deserve your blog taking off like a butt rocket, so much more than I. 🙂 And I'm actually really happy for you.

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