God is good. No, but seriously…

I feel weird when things work out for someone and they tell me about it and then they sum it up by proclaiming that “God is good!”

I always want to say something like, “Well, what would He be if things had turned out different?”

Or, “Do you think the people that were, like, IN the fatal accident that barely missed your car think God is good, too?”

And, this one time, I almost said, “And if it had been cancer, then what would God be?” I came so close to just blurting it out, but you can’t go around messing with people like that. They’ll stop hanging out with you. Trust me.

So anyway. I wanted to tell you that we got our car back from Nicaragua. El Chupacabra and a friend of ours took the bus back to Nicaragua on Monday, bought a new engine, had it installed, and got back home – with the car – on Wednesday night. (If you follow me on Twitter, you already know all that, plus oh-so-much more.) So the only actual news here is that, thanks to a financial gift from our home church, and a few more from…. *ahem*….readers (⇐ I still feel weird saying that), the cost of the trip, engine, and labor was covered to within a few dollars of our actual expenses. Pretty cool, huh?

This is the part where I’m supposed to say, “God is good”.

Which He is. But. He was also good when our the car died on the side of the road under the blazing Nicaraguan sun. He is good when the house burns to the ground, and He is good when the accident is terrible, even if it happens to me. He is good when the report says “cancer”. God’s goodness simply can’t be measured by what my stupid, human heart deems satisfactory. So I guess what I’m getting at is that we got our car back and we can still afford to eat because it was all payed for by cool people who are really good at acting on (what I would call) the urging of the Holy Spirit, and, of course, that God is good. Just like always.

Thanks for your prayers, and thanks to those who gave, and thanks to God, whose goodness is both lost on me and found in me. I love you, all.
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Now, watch this in honor of…. um….Friday?:

And then, in honor of the Royal Wedding, here is story of true love, mustache love:
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God is good all the time! Where have you seen God’s goodness?


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