I did a podcast. You’ll hate it.

So, I recently recorded a podcast interview with
Justin Lukasavige of CoachRadio.tv.

As in, he interviewed me. I’m still not sure why.

But it was fun and Justin was cool, and I’m gonna give you the link, but first I want to say this:

1) I am not funny in person. Like, at all.

2) You should only listen to this podcast if you are super into boring chicks who ramble, go on long tangents, and interrupt themselves frequently. Or, if you enjoy breathy, nervous laughter and the over use of the valley girl phrase “ya know”. Or, if you just love hearing someone trail off of an incomplete statement with a long, awkward “soooooo….yyyeeeeah”.

If you like any of that stuff, then this is right up your weird little alley. Enjoy.

This is the part where you click the link, listen to the podcast, and quickly realize that, in fact, we would not be BFF’s in real life. Because I am a huge dork.


PS – You could easily skip the first half – or the second half – and not miss anything, but I’d recommend skipping the first half. Or…you know what? Just skip the whole thing.


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