Here’s that link I promised:

A couple of you have asked for this and I told you I would post it, so I am.

Here is the link to the podcast from my interview with Drew Marshall, last week. I’m kind of hard to hear and understand – I think we had a poor connection is all. It’s totally not because I was drunk. Scouts honor.

(Ok, Mom [and other granny types]. So, what you do is, you click right where it says, “the link”. Yes, put the curser right on top of it and then click it. That will take you to a page that’s full of all kinds of colorful, shiny internet things, but all you have to do is scroll down to where you see my little name and picture dealy, and then, at the bottom of the little blurb about the Very Worst Missionary, there’s a teeeeeny picture of a speaker. Click it. Click the speaker. You’ll hear some music and after a bit, the interview will start. It’s ok. You can do this. Enjoy!)

And here’s the address for those of you who get this by email, where, apparently, links don’t work(?):

…. …. ….

I hate hearing my own voice. It always feels like I’m listening to one of my sisters… mocking me. Man, they have got me pegged.

Have you ever heard yourself on the radio? Did it make you want to give your sister an Indian Burn?


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