Hypocritical much?

I have a friend who has lived an incredible story of depravity and redemption.

Without a doubt, the transformation he has experienced as a result of meeting Jesus is one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen or heard of. It’s made even more amazing by his love for humanity and his obvious desire to share the Faith, Hope, and Love that changed his life with others, that they, too, may share in the Peace of a Savior.

I’ve been nothing but impressed by his desire to live for God. And I’ve been truly encouraged by his honesty in talking about the dark places he’s come from. If you met him, you would probably really like him. He’s just a likable, young, kinda good-looking guy, with a heart to help people seek and find Jesus.

And I hung him out like a wet sock the other day.

I flipped him the internet bird by calling out his douchebaggery on my blog.

I treated him not like a brother, but like an enemy. And I regret that. I’ve regretted it since the second I hit ‘post’.

But the best part (you’ll love this!) is that on the same day I wrote the post in question, where I threw this kid under the bus, I wrote a guest piece for The Rally to Restore Unity in which I claimed that if we are gonna be the Church, we better learn how to act like a body – one body – respectful of each of its different parts.

And there I was, acting like a shoulder, saying to the neck, “Look at what an asshole the elbow is being? Can you believe this guy?!”

Go ahead and say it: “Hey, Jamie. Hypocritical much?”

It’s ok. I deserve it.

Do I still think what he did is wrong? Um, Yeah. Pretty much!

BUT. I probably shouldn’t have shared the specifics of our falling out in an international forum, to ~let’s face it~ a bunch of my friends. It’s just not fair. But, more importantly, it’s just not Biblical. (Here’s why.) So there’s that.

Basically, I’m a hypocritical douche and a half. And I’m really glad to be learning a better way. Cause, truthfully, I’d rather be a shoulder that says to the neck, “Check out that elbow – Look at all the ways he helps the body!” — even when the elbow is totally being a prick — because, ultimately, the whole body looks better that way.


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