There’s this thing called “The Rally to Restore Unity”

I have regrets about yesterdays post. I’ll share them later.

Today, I have the honor of guest posting as a contributor to the Rally to Restore Unity on Rachel Held Evans’ blog.

This is very cool for me for 2 reasons:

A) I dig Rachel.

I’ve been a fan ever since she sent me her book “Evolving in Monkey Town” and I loved it so much I ended up getting a nasty sunburn on my hiney cause I was reading in the sun and couldn’t put it down. But then I never wrote a review about it on my blog because book reviews are the worst and I suspect that people hate reading them, and also because I can’t figure out a decent, non-yawn inducing way to tell people that I think a book is clever and well-written, and that it carries intellectual weight without being intimidating or condescending and that they should definitely go buy the book. (…See what I did there?)

B) I am
all about Unity.

Unity is the bees knees…. It may also be the Church’s knees. Ooh, ooh! – That makes a whole ton of sense when you think about it, because if we’re lacking the knees of Unity, then you can see why we, the Church, appear to be stumbling around so much. (….See what I did there? I’m unstoppable!)

Ok. Please, if you will, go check out my post, “Ask yourself…”

And then do that super encouraging thing you do where you leave a bazillion comments and make me feel all, like, “they like me, they really like me”.

Cool. Thanks!


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