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.Like her Face Book page.

Ok. So in the comments on my last post someone was all, “Hey, do you have a fan page on FaceBook?”, and I said “No”, because I didn’t.

But now I do.

I know. I think it’s kind of douchey, too.

Never the less…

I made a FaceBook fan page because I’m a blogger, but I’m seriously considering becoming a booker. And one of the things you have to do these days, if you want to sell a book, is show the guys who care about these things some kind of evidence that says bunches of people “like” you. (Which, when you think about it, is pretty lame since it means that popularity, once again, wins over merit. Just like in high school. But, whatever.)

Hence, the Face Book fan page.

And now there are approximately 8 thousand different ways for you to keep up with the Very Worst Missionary. You lucky duck.

But I don’t want this to completely suck for the fan page likers, so I’m gonna use it to post random crap that’s too short for a blog post or too long for Twitter.

….And pics of my pets being cute or funny or stupid.

…And pics of crazy Costa Rican stuff, like food that looks like turds and/or wieners, or insanely giant pot holes, or a family of 5 on a motorcycle, or a sloth in a bucket. You know, stuff like that.

…And maybe some pics of my kids, and El Chupacabra (if he’ll let me). Maybe.

And probably pics of boozie drinks.


Also? If this fan page thing starts to feel like a huge pain in the ass, I’ll delete it. But until then, would you mind going and hitting that cute little “like” button? I’d be super-duper appreciative of your support. <— See that? that’s where you, supporting a missionary happens. Nice, huh.

Thanks. You’re awesome. We should totally hang out some time.

Do you have a fan page? Oh hey, if you have a fan page, feel free to link it in the comments. Then I won’t feel so bad cuz it’ll be like our own little VWM douche/fan party! WooHoo!!


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