Telling El Chupacabra to Ask Me Later

Today I’m guest posting for El Chupacabra, who, between working full-time, coaching football for his team, playing football for the All-Star team, meeting with a bunch of guys to talk about Jesus, taking college classes, Oh, and being a parent, claims he’s too busy to keep up with his blog. Pshhh. What-ever!

So ~because I love him~ I offered to help by writing a guest post, to which he reluctantly said ok. But the best part is that he doesn’t even read my blog, so when I gave him the post he read it, and then he looked at me like “For real?” but he knew he couldn’t say anything because that would hurt my feelings and that would be bad for us… more specifically, bad for him.

Here’s part of my post, called “Ask me later”, on El Chupacabra Writes a Blog:

Since the internet is obviously a “safe place” where one can truly bare their soul without fear of scrutiny or judgment, I’m just gonna go ahead and throw this out there…

El Chupacabra and I are at an impasse. There’s a glitch in our marital matrix.

We keep having the same conversation over and over, making the same remarks and coming to the same conclusions. It’s getting kinda weird.


I dunno. I hope you’ll go read it, but don’t crucify me in the comments section when you read what a primo jerk I am. And then follow El Chupacabra, who promises that he’s going to write more.

Ok?… go on.


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