The Church of No People let me guest post. No… I’m serious.

Today I have the privilege of guest posting over at the Church of No People.

Matt is on a short-term mission trip to Mexico (gasp!). So I’m helping him out on his blog by writing about…. Short-Term Missions (gasp!!).

He left yesterday, so I wrote a post telling him all about how I’m praying that his trip turns into a complete disaster. Heheheh…

Actually… It was Matt who got me started thinking and writing about all that short-term missions stuff, and you’ll see when you read the guest post I wrote for him that it shares the same cranky undertones as the “win-win” post. You may even figure out, with your heroic intuition, that I wrote them on the same day. But I actually like today’s post much better.

Like always, guest posting gives me a fur ball – it makes me nervous and antsy because I’m taking my abrasive personality to someone else domain to rub a whole different group of people the wrong way…. and they just don’t know me like you do. They don’t know that I’m only a total bitch sometimes. Ya know?

So I really hope you’ll go read it and be super-duper generous with your intelligent, clever, funny comments.

And I really am praying for you, Matt… watch your back...

…. ….. ….

Wanna pray mean but awesome prayers for short-term trippers with me? Cool.


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