El Chupacabra needs a win.

Today is sucking pretty hard.
I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I’m so incredibly sad because El Chupacabra’s cheap little netbook has a cracked screen. But, I guess that’s not really what I’m sad about.
His screen has actually been cracked for a couple of weeks, so he went and found the absolute cheapest replacement online, had it shipped to someone who was coming down to Costa Rica, got it from her this morning, ran home to install it, aaaand…. the new screen was cracked, too. *sigh* $80 wasted, and his computer is still unusable.
But that’s not really what I’m sad about, either.
I’m sad because I love my husband more than any human being on the planet, and the guy just can’t catch a break. When that stupid screen blipped to life this morning, all technicolor stripes and black blobs, I saw a look on his face which I’ve rarely seen cross that glorious bearded countenance.
It was the look of defeat.
See, a guy can only feel bent over so many times before it really starts to take a toll, and I’m afraid this was a bit of downer for El Chupacabra.  He looks tired and he looks a little defeated. And that makes me very, very sad.
The guy needs a win. He deseerrrrrves a win. He’s earned a win.
I wish you could meet him; I think you’d like him so much! He’s the most unpretentious person I’ve ever known. His friends are a wild array of musicians, athletes, nerds, beer enthusiasts, theologians, cops, jocks, geeks, and construction workers. He’s the guy people invite to the party, but he’s also the guy they turn to in a crisis. I love that about him; He’s a friend to everyone, but in the most genuine way. And he works very, very hard.
While I’m writing blog posts, he’s running a ministry campus.
While I’m surfing Pinterest and upcycling my clothes, he’s doing homework to finish his degree so he can better lead his family.
While I’m falling asleep on the couch at 7pm because I’m just sooooo tired from a day of… what do I do, again?…, he’s walking out the door to coach football because he doesn’t simply talk about investing in other people, he does it.
While I’m making dinner, he’s making disciples.
While I’m deciding not to make dinner because “it just feels like a cereal for dinner night”, he’s still making disciples.
Seriously? If a better half ever existed, it is to be found in this man. He’s the Very Best Missionary! He really, really is.
You know, I love writing the Very Worst Missionary. I’m constantly encouraged, inspired, and blown away by the kindness and generosity afforded me in comments. It’s kinda cool to have a cheering section for your life. But the truth is, when it comes to missionary-ing, I’m not really deserving of accolades (hence, the name). It’s El Chupacabra who embodies the things I only hope to do, the kind of person I’d like to be. It’s El Chupacabra whose love for Jesus is apparent, and true, and lived out in blend of boldness and tenderness that is so beautiful and so impossibly simple.
Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t perfect. He likes to argue. He’s kinda moody. He forces me to play board games and then never lets me win. And he’s bit of an ass-grabber (Mine only, of course! But he doesn’t always choose the right moment to cop a feel. It causes problems.) But, in general, he’s a stand up dude.
He is just a good guy, and he needs a win…
There’s not much I can do to cheer him up. I can’t fix his computer. I can’t buy him a present. I can’t clean the bathroom so he has a “fresh bowl”… Ok. Fine. I’ll clean the toilet!…. But I can definitely be his cheering section. And I can ask you to join me.
I’m asking you, first, to pray for him if you’re the praying type, then go follow his blog (he doesn’t write often for lack of free time, but follow him anyway), leave him an encouraging comment, befriend him on the Twitter, and like his Facebook page. It will only take you a second to encourage this remarkable missionary to hang in there because he’s doing an amazing job! 
So – even if you never comment anywhere ever, even if you’re “famous”, even if you’re not the “Barnabas” type, even if you hate board games with a passion, even if you you feel weird about it, and wether you know him in real life or don’t know him at all – please, please, please go give El Chupacabra your support on this sucky day, when his screen is cracked and his heart is a little bit broken. 
Let’s bombard him with internet love. Let’s give him a teeny-tiny victory by coming together, in recognition of his hard work and personal sacrifice, to say, “Well done, Man!”
Please? El Chupacabra really needs a win….

       ….            ….            ….

PS. I love you, Babe. 


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