Hella 36.

It’s my birthday. I gave myself a pep talk when I woke up. It went like this:
You know what?  There’s nothing you can do about birthdays.  Nothing.  September 16th is just gonna keep come around, making you older and older… until you die

Get over it.
Stop wrinkling up your face to see how bad the damage is! You already know you’ve got crow’s feet. This is not a new thing.  
Seriously. Get over it. 
And that hair you plucked last week?  The one you decided was ‘very light blond’?  Um. No, Sweety. No, it was not.  It was grey.  YOU HAD A GREY HAIR.  And you’ll live.  In fact, you’ll probably live better, because one of these days, you’ll have enough grey strands that it will force you to stop being such a chickenshit about coloring your hair and you’ll just do it, and then we’ll finally get to meet the smart, sexy brunette you’ve been hiding all these years. Or the spunky, hot red-head. That would be cool, too.  Really, anything would be better than the girl who spends too long wondering where *exactly* a single hair would fall on the color wheel. That’s just stupid. And it was grey. 
Don’t be a baby about being an old lady.
Get over yourself!
Besides – You’re 36, not a thousand. So quit being ridiculous, and simply enjoy being 36.
In fact, don’t just be 36. Rock it!  Be hella 36. 

Be amazing.  Be fun.  Be courageous.  Be adventurous.  Be bold. (But don’t be crazy. Nobody likes a crazy chick.) And it’s ok if you wanna Be kinda badass, once in awhile. 
Be a seeker of God, a lover of people, and a pointer outer of the awesome to be found within the ordinary. 
Spend more time looking at the world and less time looking in the mirror. 
Die to yourself so that others may Live. 
Give your husband a wife worth loving.  Give your children a Mom worth honoring.  Give your whole heart away in your words.  And give your life to Jesus, who has already given His, that you might live your 36th year in an abundance of Faith, Hope, and Love. 
Be hella 36. 
“I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggone it, people like me!” ~Stuart Smalley
….        ….         ….
How hella old are you? How are you rocking this year of your life?


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