I’m recruiting… to build my army.

What’s up writers, bloggers, and… normal people?

Would you be interested in writing a guest post for the Very Worst Missionary?

Because I would very much be interested in posting such a post.

Tomorrow, I’m kicking off a Saturday series highlighting the way we share Jesus in our everyday lives.  I’ve already got a couple of posts lined up by people you will fall in love with, but I’m opening this up to everyone because… uh…variety is the spice of life, and all that. (Whoa! I totally did not know what to say there. Weird.)


The idea is that we are ALL missionaries – every last stinkin’ one of us – not just the lucky bastards who carry the title.  ~side bar~ Do you ever wonder how some people end up in missions as a vocation and others have to work a day job AND be a Christian?  It’s so not fair.  Some say it’s because folks in full-time ministry are “set apart” for this kind of work, but I suspect it’s because we’re being punished for something…

I am just kidding. Relax.

~carry on~

If you’re a follower of Jesus, than you probably already know that you’ve been “called” to the mission of sharing His teaching.  So, I want to hear about how you’re doing that, what does that look like to you? And how does it translate in the lives of the people around you? I gotta say, my favorite missionaries are, by far, the non-missionary missionaries; the guys who are just out there, doin’ their thang, loving people along the way.  I’d love to hear from people like that, who have developed non-douchey ways to introduce their Faith to friends, neighbors, and co-workers over the course of an average I’m-not-getting-paid-to-tell-you-Jesus-loves-you day.

Key-word? Non-douchey.

That means I don’t want to read a guest post about how you invited all the children in your neighborhood over for fresh-baked cookies, sat them down, told them they were going to burn in hell forever!, invited them to say a prayer “asking Jesus into their heart”, and sent them home with a bible-tract and the instructions, “Now, go save your parents.”

If you don’t understand why that’s douchey then…. go away.

Just kidding.  Stick around.  And read this series to see how other people are doing it – Through kindness and respect, and over the natural course of their everyday relationships with the people around them.

I’m excited about this, I think it’s gonna be awesome. So don’t be shy! Tell us about how you’re impacting the immediate community around you, or how someone changed your life when they lived out their Faith in front of you. Email your clever, witty, sappy, sweet, gut-wrenching, heart-warming story (in no more than 700 of the words of your choice) to theveryworstmissionary@gmail.com.

YOU! *I’m pointing at you.* Join the ranks of the Very Worst Missionaries!

….           ….           ….

The only problem is I don’t know what to call this series. I was thinking “Missionary Positions”.  Ya know? Cuz it’s from people who are kind of missionaries but they work in other positions… Get it?…No?… Well, I like it, but I’m afraid of the google searches. Scary.

Help! Ideas? What should I call this series! HURRY!! It starts tomorrow and it NEEDS A NAME!!

Apparently, the comment system I use is “down”. Not, like, sad – just not working.  So if you have the PERFECT title for this series (and you know you do!) you just keep it in that hot little head of yours and come back later to leave it in comments. Mmkay? Thanks!   Never mind.


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