Mind dump.

I went to Atlanta last week with El Chupacabra for the Catalyst Conference, and I think it will take me a solid week to recover. There was so much to take in.  Honestly, I’m still processing it all.  I wanted to write something that makes sense, today, but I can’t.  My mind is so backed up with thoughts and experiences that I just can’t get anything out.

…It’s constipated. My mind is constipated.

I need to get something out, relieve the pressure, restore the flow, move this train along. Ya know?

So here are a couple of things from this last week. I may or may not write more on this stuff in the future, for now I just wanna get it OUT.  I’m gonna call this a “highlight reel”, but, really, this is what it looks like when your mind takes a dump on your blog:

13,000 is a hell of a lot of people. 
I have so many thoughts on the actual conference, it’s unbearable. There were a ton of good things said and done. And there were a few things that left me scratching my head.
Not gonna lie – walking through the concourse, with its miles of vendors and every “Christian” product you can imagine, made me uncomfortable. The industry of Faith conjures images of Jesus, badass with a whip, overturning tables, scattering profits to the floor.  
I thought it would be kind of funny to set up shop and sell a t-shirt that said “Brood of Vipers” – like, funny in an ironic way.  I’d buy it.
Anyway. Lots of thoughts on the market place of Christianity, and on treasures and hearts and the sale of doves and other Bible-y things which I have yet to get ordered in this itty-bitty brain of mine. 
…..     …..     …..
I think Atlanta is beeeaUtiful! 
But I’m a sucker for a skyline. 
I just love “the city” and find myself easily charmed by thoughts of living on-top of and underneath my neighbors. 
…..       …..       …..
We got stuck, unexpectedly, overnight in Houston. 
Which led us to a $59 airport motel. 
Which led us to IHOP.
Which led us to all-you-can-shove-down-your-throat pancakes.
At Midnight. 
Go ahead. Guess how many pancakes I ate…
…..         ……        …..

Also?  I love him.  We have unreasonable amounts of fun together.  
I thank God every day that my husband is my best friend. 
Also? I think he kinda looks like a crazy Revolutionary. 

….       …..       …..

Aaaaand. I’ll leave you with this:

Um. Yeah. That is Jesus staring back at you from a used bathroom towel.  Pretty sure it’s a miracle. Or a wet spot. But I’m going with miracle….


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