One Jesus.

Last week, El Chupacabra and I spent the morning with some cool folks of the more Pentecostal persuasion. Later that day we had dinner with some seriously funny Southern Baptists.

I liked them all very, very much.
Honestly, I’m way out of the loop when it comes to the particulars of Christian circles.
These guys were cracking jokes from the main stage of Catalyst about the different denominational worship styles, and I only laughed because everybody else was laughing – I didn’t actually get it. I couldn’t begin to tell you which Christians sing aloud with their hands in the air, or who claps or sways or does a praise robot. I have no idea who prays with their eyes open or closed, or with their hands clasped or unclasped, or who only talks to God laying face down in a darkened closet while flogging themselves with a whip made of oiled palm leaves and donkey hair…
I just don’t know about these things.
I didn’t grow up in ~or anywhere near~ the Church. So when you say “Lutheran” or “Methodist” or “Quaker” or “Brethren” or… like, “JesusismyBoyfriendian”… it all means the same thing to me. All I hear is “Christian”.
And I like it that way.
I feel kinda fortunate that I can walk into a room of 13,000 church leaders and see nothing but brothers and sisters. I have no preconceived notion of what your specific theology looks like – I just have to trust that you’re doing your damn best to follow Jesus. Maybe that makes me a simpleton… or a dumbass… But I have no interest in Church politics and I’m generally unmoved by a single interpretation of scripture.
My heart beats for anecdotal Faith; for the silliness and folly of our nature, the way we reach for God with all the dexterity of a newborn baby, jerking limbs, crossed eyes, and a steaming load in our pants. I’d really rather hear about your disease than your doctrine, I guess. And I’d rather examine your Daddy-issues than your diplomas. But if you really want to get crazy, let’s talk about what your average weeknight looks like, because the Sunday morning Jesus-fest bores me. I’m more keen on knowing how you connect the dots between the two – ya know? How does this Bible stuff shake out in your everyday life?
There are over two billion Christians on the planet, and from what I gather, over two billion ways to bea Christian. Sometimes I think that all these circles, sects, styles, interpretations, branches, devisions, and denominations are confusing the only thing that matters:
There is only one Jesus.
One Jesus. Billions of ways to meet Him, seek Him, and adore Him.  Two billion souls, united by one Savior…. That’s crazy, right?!  But here we are, the body of Christ – and it’s a big ass body! When we are united, when we aren’t bent over by our dispensation, when we can take a page from each other, when we’re willing to listen and learn from one another… well… that’s when we’ll be the bearer of Faith, Hope, and Love to the world.
Yesterday, I got an email from a pastor who said, “I don’t look like you, or act like you, and I would nevertalk like you, but I sure do like you.
And I like him, too, this brother of mine, who is able to see in me the one Jesus I see in him.  

….          …..        ….

Are you of a particular persuasion? I mean, denominationally speaking… 
Do you have inter-denominational relationships?

Also? That video is freaking hilarious!


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