To everywhere, from everywhere.

Someone shared this video with me on Facebook.  I loved it.  It’s just simple and true.

And it’s… cute.  I love the little people with their big heads.  But I’m a sucker for cute.

There is, however, one part I didn’t particularly care for – Guess what it is! 

Just kidding, I’ll tell you.

You know the part where all the little Christian lights go from the U.S. to the rest of the world? Yeah, that kinda bugged me.

We need to be careful not to imply that the Peace, Hope, Love, and Light of Jesus come from the United States of America.

Jesus is already IN Africa. He’s IN Asia. He’s ALIVE and well in Europe. He’s AMONG US in Latin America.

We all have much to learn from people of other cultures and backgrounds. Perhaps it is the U.S. who should be receiving missionaries from other parts of the planet, that the light of Jesus might shine more brightly among the faithful.

People going to everywhere, from everywhere. “Missions” belongs to the world…
…..          …..         …..

Did you like the video? I think it’s cute and true.


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