Looking for a kick-ass Missions Pastor?

We like to lay in bed at night and talk about the future.
Our timeline in Costa Rica is quickly drawing to a close, and imagining all the places God might take us this year brings hundreds of scary possibilities to mind. I admit, I find some kind of twisted pleasure in considering the worst. 
I say, “What if we end up somewhere and it gets really super cold in the winter, like below 65°, and my nose freezes solid and falls off. Will you still love me?”
He holds two fingers up, across my face, and looks at me for a minute. “It will be hard,” he sighs, “you’re pretty fugly without a nose. But I’ll do my best.”
“Ok. What if we end up somewhere in the Middle East and I have to wear a burka and walk behind you?”
The thought of this makes us laugh and laugh, but our laughter is tinged with nerves. 
This is what we do. We surf the internet while we day-dream of our future, saying things like “How do you feel about Toledo?” and “Shoveling snow builds character.” Sometimes we’re joking, sometimes not. Late nights find us laying there together, our laptops lighting up our faces, wonder aloud where it is that we’ll end up. 
We’re anxious to know what our future holds, what stories will unfold for each of us and for our children in the coming months. We’re feeling excited and impatient.
The truth is, we’ve begun exploring our options…
Ugh! Fine. I’ll say it out loud: The real truth is that we’re actively looking at jobs in the U.S. (!!!, Right?!)
“Exploring our options” sounds way less scary to me than the truth, which is that El Chupacabra has already begun sharing his resume with churches. We’re committed to the idea that it may be time for us to head back up North. And we’re prayerfully seeking guidance to the right job, at the right time, with the right people, in the right place.
Yes. Even if that place gets below 65° in winter. 
So we lay in bed, hashing out our ideals; coaxing our greatest hopes out of the mass of possibilities.
El Chupacabra would be a kick-ass Missions Pastor. This much, I know.
He and I, both, have a passion to see missions redeveloped, executed with integrity and intelligence, and handled with the preservation of dignity for all involved. The hands on experience we’ve gained in the past five years is invaluable and incomparable. We’re unbelievably grateful for what we’ve learned and anxious to put this knowledge to work, to see it spill into the DNA of a dynamic, engaging, socially responsible community.
So we’re praying. A lot. And we’re looking around for something along those lines – a place to fit in, a place to grow, and a place to help effect change.
We still don’t know what that means, exactly. I guess we could end up on staff at a church. Or maybe as trainers for a missions org. We’re truly open to any possibilities. 
Anyway. Here’s what’s important:
  1. We are fully and happily committed to our ministry in Costa Rica. That hasn’t changed and, if it becomes abundantly clear that we’re to stay here, we would gladly do so.
  2. We would love your help in spreading the word that we’re…*ahem* “exploring our options”. So -if you go to a non-sucky Church- feel free to ask your church leadership if they’re looking for a super-cool, radically bearded, amazingly gifted Missions or Discipleship pastor.
  1. Pass along our blogs (The VWM / El Chupacabra) and or twitter feeds (The VWM/ El Chupacabra). The more people who know we’re looking, the better.
  2. Pray. No, like, for real. Please pray that our story would unfold with clarity.  
How is your future fleshing out? Can I pray for you somehow?? 


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