I confess; I SUCK at email.

Soooo… How’s it going?… How was your Monday?… Did you see the Voice last night?…

Ok, ok. Fine. I’ll cut right to the chase (even though I have no idea why we say “cut to the chase”):

I owe dozens and dozens of you an apology.

Many months ago, I invited you all to participate in a series of Saturday guest posts about how ~ in your everyday, ordinary, not-a-missionary life ~ you share your Faith in non-douchey ways with friends, neighbors, coworkers, families, transients, hobos, hookers, girl scouts, plumbers, babysitters, and trash collectors.

And then my inbox went KAPOW!!! Full, I mean full, of submissions. And then I curled up in a ball and took a nap, because I just couldn’t get my tiny brain around how to organize and respond to all. these. freaking. amazing. posts. 

I managed to stay on it for a minute and then I just… left it behind. Left you behind.

And I’m really sorry about that. 

I feel like a huge tool.

I just SUCK at email!

Other things I suck at? Blogging. Schedules. Common courtesy. Flossing. Opening a cereal box without tearing the top.

So you can easily see why it was not a great idea for me to be all, “Hey, Everybody, send me an email that you’ve dumped your heart and soul into!” (And, also, why the cereal is stale.)

So here’s where I’m at:

I’m gonna re-launch the “Missionary Positions: How a _________ does it.” series, because I think it’s good and that it has value. And because I have a ton of really great, well-written, heartfelt pieces of work sitting in my inbox, waiting for their 4 seconds of pseudo-fame on the interwebs.

But. I’m just gonna post them whenever. I can’t do the whole Saturday thing. Apparently, committing 5 minutes to do something every single Saturday is just too much for me. (Yes. I’m kind of pathetic like that.) I will coordinate each guest post with the author of the post – other than that, you’ll just see ’em when you see ’em.

If you submitted a guest post (and then you never heard back and now you think I’m a heartless bitch for ignoring you), you’ll be hearing from me soon. I promise.

*Sadly, I can’t use all of these wonderful posts. I have too many “stay at home Mom” submissions, and too many “I’m a missionary, but” submissions, and a couple of posts that simply don’t capture the spirit of the conversation we’re trying to have, or are just too long. Plus, if I used them all, this series would last for like 3 years, and that would be weird.*

Also – I’m not accepting new submissions at this time. Sorry. Just can’t be done.


First, I’m asking for your forgiveness. 

I dropped the ball. I neglected some souls. I failed to heed God’s leading and I failed to care for the gifts He has given me.

And I’m really, really sorry about all of that. 

Second, I’m asking for your patience as I make a silly attempt at organizing the mess I’ve made. I swear, this is like asking a 4 year old to give a car an oil change – my inbox feels that complicated and overwhelming to me. But I’m going to do this. I just am.

Third, I’m hoping that you’ll stay tuned. The series will continue in a jiffy. (Yes. A jiffy. Why do we say these odd things?!)


I really like you guys. I don’t say that often enough, but I’m so grateful for how you’ve turned a blog into a community. Thank you for that!

….      …..      …..

Are you good at inboxing? Or, like me, do you suck at email??

If you’ve got tips for how to stay on top of the email monster, I’m listening! Help!!


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