What I was doing when I wasn’t here.


It’s been awhile. Life has been crazy, hectic, busy, good, and kinda bad, too. Here’s a brief recap:

Part 1: Houston based independent filmmaker, Scott Brignac and his lovely wife/assistant Melissa, came down to Costa Rica to film a short documentary about our family.  
Yes, a documentary. No, not a reality show.
Here are some things I learned from the experience:
 – I hate cameras. They make everyone act like weirdos. 
– All my clothes are old and ugly. And I’m fat. 
– My kids are exactly as awesome as I believe them to be. (I was so impressed by their poise and candor.)
– 96% of my exuded confidence is false. Apparently, I am a frightened child. 
– My husband shores me up. I feel like I can do anything when I’m with him, even make a fool of myself on film. 
– I’m a terrible, terrible actress. The worst, really. 
– It feels good to trust the artistic process of another person, even when they’re shedding light on your life.
– A good filmmaker can do stuff with his equipment to make you look not as hideous as you really are. It’s pretty cool. 
– If a filmmaker is grabbing footage of your husband playing football, and he leans over and asks you if you ever worry about him getting hurt out there, and you say “Pshhh, No! He’s having fun doing something he loves!”, then you can expect your husband to rupture his meniscus and tear a ligament in his knee about 5 minutes later.  I think this is like the Christian version of Karma (sometimes called “humility”)  – It’s either that, or shit happens. I’m not sure which. 
Anyway. Scott and Melissa were super fun, super cool, super professional and super patient. We really loved having them here, and I’m looking forward to sharing the final product of their time here with all y’all. 
So, did you catch the part where El Chupacabra blew out his knee?
That’s Part 2 of “What I was doing when I wasn’t here”: El Chupacabra busted up his knee. 
But then he didn’t want to go the doctor because he didn’t want to spend the money on an appointment. Finally, after much convincing, he went, and the doctor sent him for an MRI and the MRI said “You are so screwed.”
We went back to the doc with the MRI results and he said, “You need surgery. Would you like to do it today?” 
And we were like, “Whoa, whoa! Hold on…”
We had a few questions about the surgery and recovery, and all that, and finally, El Chupacabra asked him, “What are my options?”, and the doctor paused for a second to think, then he said, “Your options are surgery.
So now El Chupacabra is having knee surgery on Wednesday. And we are feeling completely freaked out by the $2500 insurance deductible, while trying so hard to feel grateful that we have insurance at all. Y’know? 
*heavy sigh*
I’m gonna be honest. We don’t have a spare $2500. A few people have graciously stepped up to give however they could and we are incredibly thankful! – But we’re still about $1850 away from the bottom line…
Sooooo? If you’re inclined, please feel free to find that PayPal button over there ➔ on the righthand side of my blog and click away.  We could really use your help right about now.

>>> UPDATE: Through the generosity of this community, the deductible was fully covered!!!<<<

(And if you’re wondering why he’s out there playing football when he should be doing more missionarying or whatever, read this.  Football has a clear purpose for us. As we’ve connected with our players, and their wives and girlfriends, we talk a lot of Jesus and we’ve really been blessed by God’s presence among us. It’s a thing.)
Also? My youngest son has a mystery fever that comes and goes. It’s got me a little stressed out on top of everything else.
…       ….     …
If you wouldn’t mind praying for us (particularly for that messed up knee, steady surgical hands, fast healing, and the finances to pay for it all) we’d be filled with gratitude. 
And hey, if you’ve got a prayer request, let’s have it! I’d love to pray for you, too, my friends.


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