How to recognize us at Storyline 2012.

At the end of this month, you’ll be able to find me and El Chupacabra in the land of bridges and bicycles – the lovely yet gloomy hipster paradise of Portland, Oregon.
We’ll be easy to spot, as I own absolutely no vintage clothing (unless you call underwear so old it has lost its elasticity “vintage”) and because El Chupacabra’s glasses are real and completely necessary. So, if you’re in the great Pacific Northwest on April 30th, keep your eyes peeled for two dorks in baggy panties, clothes from Target, and functional eye glasses. It will be us. I promise.
We’ll be there to attend Donald Miller‘s Storyline 2012 conference, and we’re pretty excited about it. The conference website describes it like this:
WHY, you ask, are two people who have obviously taken some pretty extraordinary steps toward living life to its fullest going to a conference about learning to live well?
Um… That’s a really good question.
Here’s the answer:
We’ve found ourselves at a bit of a crossroads – Over the next few months we’ll be facing some major life changes that we’d like to step into with a sense of direction. Our work/ministry dynamic will be changing. Our family dynamic will be changing. And our home base might be changing.
We want to spend April 30th and May 1st at the Storyline conference, examining these forthcoming changes. We’re hoping to use our time there to prayerfully and willfully narrow the focus on our wildest passions and truest gifts. We want to explore our future, as our oldest son is moving out, and soon we’ll begin daily life as a family of four. (Ugh. When I typed that, I think my heart opened up and leaked out something important. I’ll never be the same.) And we want to continue to seek God regarding our future as missionaries.
Truly, I live an interesting life. Moving to a foreign country seems like an obvious choice if an “interesting” life is what you’re aiming for. But I don’t want to settle for an interestinglife when I could upgrade to a meaningfullife; A life that has depth, and impact; A life that serves, blesses, and equips others on their own paths. That is the life I want to live.
I want to live an unforgettable, honest, meaningful story – one clearly defined by Faith, Hope, and Love, and book-ended by Grace and Redemption.
It’s just time for some self-evaluation, to be sure that’s where we’re headed, ya know? For that reason, I think the Storyline conference will be helpful to us. We’re excited about it.
Oh. And you should totally come! Then we could hang out. A fun time would surely be had. Then sometime, way down the line, when we’re old and wrinkled and looking back on our amazing stories, we could talk about the time our paths crossed in Portland and you knew it was me by my stretched out underpants, and I knew it was you by your… 
….Wait. How will I recognize you?!


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