Because I owe you one.

Pretty sure it was Andy Stanley who came up with the ever popular slogan:

 “Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.”  

And, if you really think about it, that is a darn good idea.

I know, I know. It totally goes against what they drilled into our little heads in elementary school about sharing; when we were told that sharing is good – but only if you have enough for EVERYONE.
And I can distinctly remember being called out by a teacher for giving a Ritz cracker to a friend. She said, loudly, “Jamie, will you be giving everyone a cracker?”

I believe I looked up at her with all the innocence of a 7 year old, and thought, “This teacher is so effing stupid. I’m holding THREE crackers in a sandwich bag. How could I possibly have enough for everyone?”

And then she made my friend give the cracker back! Because the world is CrazyTown. 
All that to say that today I’m giving away a t-shirt. Yes. ONE t-shirt. To ONE of you. Because I love you ALL. But one t-shirt is what I can do. (See that? I’m doing for one what I wish I could do for everyone. Andy Stanley is probably beaming with pride right now.)

So, what I wish I could do for everyone is go over to TrulySanctuary apparel and buy every last one of you a kickass t-shirt. But I can’t. I can, however, give ONE of you the kick-ass shirt of your choice. (mens/womens/youth/toddler/infant)

You can thank me later. 
>>>I feel it’s important to note that I’ve met Ron and Bethany (the owners/designers behind TrulySanctuary) in real life when we were all doing our thing down in Costa Rica, and I LOVE them. Like, for real. They have one of the most unique, incredible, redemptive stories I’ve ever heard – and I don’t want to tell you anything about it because BETHANY NEEDS TO WRITE IT ALL DOWN IN A BOOK! – but these guys are the real deal. Their love for Jesus and the world and living life well inspires me. So there’s that. <<<
Ok. Here are the rules:

> First, leave a comment. You can say whatever you want, or answer this question – If you could put anyones face on a T-shirt, whose would it be? (Some of you may have to de-lurk. Sorry.)

> Then, (in a nod to my cracker-nazi 2nd grade teacher AND because if you can share with everyone, you shouldshare this post on Facebook and/or Twitter.

> That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Cool, huh.

The winner will receive one item of their choice from TrulySanctuary, and will be chosen randomly on Monday, March 11, 2013.  I’ll announce it right here ⬇, at the bottom of this post. (Be sure to come back and see if it was YOU!)

Ready… SetGo! 

….       ….     ….

Want a simple way to support rad people? Follow TrulySanctuary on Twitter and Facebook.

And the winner is……. Nicole (who never wins anything)!!! Holler at me Nicole!


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