Nine months later.

It’s been about nine months since we replanted ourselves in the rich soil of good ol ‘Merica — nine months since Costa Rica was was the place we called “home”.

Sometimes I can’t believe that we went, we did life there, and we returned. Honestly? Sometimes it feels like a dream.

But then my sister calls out of the blue, like she did just now, and asks me what such-and-such means in Spanish, because one of her sweet munchkins picked up a new word on Dora. When (by some small miracle) I know the answer, it fills my spirit with such relief. It wasn’t a dream at all. I was there. I speak Spanish.

Arcoiris means rainbow, I tell her…  

And, even though I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, it stirs up a longing for the country I loved and left. 
…       …      …
Know what I mean? 


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