A Picture is Worth as Many Words as the Blogger it Links to Has Written; The Very Worst Photo Essay

I told you how I’m in Guatemala with a group of bloggers to share about the work World Vision is doing, right? Well, there are three talented photographers among us. They have huge cameras which they wield with a fierce attention to detail and an eye for color and composition. 
The other day, Matthew Paul Turner posted a compelling photo essay documenting our time here. According to the old saying, his blog post is worth 17,000 words. 
When I read his essay/post and I thought, “Wow. That is really powerful!”,  and also, “Wow. That is really easy!” So I decided to create my own photo essay using the pictures on my phone, but, for some reason, I don’t think my photo essay has the same effect as Matthew’s. Probably because I don’t have a fancy camera. Everyone knows the camera is responsible for taking great, meaningful pictures. 
Here’s my photo essay. I hope you enjoy it…
A Picture is Worth as Many Words as the Blogger it Links to Has Written
The Guatemalan country side is lush and tropical, dotted with rustic farms and small houses. I loved these dairy cows, corralled by rough hewn logs. I know you think this is a picture of a blurry tree, but it’s not. It’s cows. I promise.
The city is bright and colorful, bustling with people and activity. The cockeyed contrast of this mysterious figure, sandwiched between my creepy finger webbing, leaning against that sky-blue wall is charming. Don’t you think?

When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. Is for fun. And when you are Zach Hunt, sometimes you wear a robe and slippers in the hallway of your hotel. Also for fun.
 Shelby Zacharias and I were walking through town noting how we could appreciate why Guatemala is known for it’s fine coffee and impressive colonial architecture, seen here, upside down. 

I honestly don’t know what this is… Could be MPT doing the robot. Or it could be Batman. The world will never know. 
Pretty sure Antigua is famous for it’s cobble stone roads and red trousers

I fell in love with this palm sized puppy, so I took a pic of it… looking like a zombie. It’s possible that Micha Boyett held this dog in her bare hands and will now become ground zero for the zombie apocalypse. If Purell doesn’t kill zombie juice, we are in trouble. 
In case you didn’t know, #legstagrams are all the rage. This one is extra special because it features two super hot, funny, talented chicks. I give you Jessica Shyba and Roo Ciambriello‘s legs on Guatemala’s rich volcanic soil. 
(rich volcanic soil > mud and dog poop)
Guatemalan #chickinstagram. And a foot.

When Caleb Wilde lays across the front a the van like Jesus and looks off into the distance like an underwear model? You know things just got serious. I think Guatemala got to this guy. But in a good way, not in like a mortician way. Not that that would be bad, I mean, morticians are people too. Kinda.
Nothing says “Sponsor a Child” like a headless 8 year old cellist and his headless family. 

Last, I captured this rare shot of the back of a Guatemalan dog’s head. You’re welcome

The End.

…..        …..       …..

Nailed it. 


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