So Mama Monk, American Jesus, and the Very Worst Missionary walk into a bar…

…in Guatemala! And then they spend a week together discovering the work of World Vision and enjoying the beautiful broad faces and warm smiles of the Guatemalan people.
Ok. It’s not very funny as a joke, but as my life, it’s pretty much amazing.
I should probably be packing or something. I actually don’t know what non-procrastinators do before trips. I know no other way than to take a nap, watch a movie, go out with friends, sleep in… and then, at the laaaaast minute, go completely batshit crazy. Clean the house, wash the clothes, find a passport, throw some crap in a bag and hope something matches, and say all the nice things to my kids so that if some tragedy befalls me while I’m away, they will surely remember me as a wonderful, kind, encouraging, non-screamy Mom who showered them with love and affection and made them grilled cheese.
I’m not in that stage yet. I’m still feeling pretty sane. I’m also still in my pajamas.
I will pack. Eventually. 
Tomorrow. Tomorrow is when I will lose my mind.
How do other people do it? I can’t help but wonder how my World Vision compadres are gearing up for our departure on Monday. I know that at least one of them already started packing. When I saw that on instagram, it made me squint my eyes and shake my head, trying to absorb the information. Like, “What is this ‘preparation’ you speak of?”
My inner procrasturbator wants to shout YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. But I am nothing if not a grace-filled follower of Jesus and I must speak the truth in love, so you know what? I’m just gonna “live it out” in front of them and let them learn from my righteous example. Heh.
All that to say that I am SO EXCITED about hanging out with my bloggety blog friends in real life. I’m betting on a little hilarity, a lot of genuinuity (that’s not a real word), and some straight up slapstick comedy from these people. They can be counted on. Oh, and don’t worry – I will tell you everything. I’ve never wanted a hidden camera in my glasses before now… 
So, if you want to know what actually happens when Mama Monk, The American Jesus and the Very Worst Missionary walk into a bar in Guatemala, be sure to follow everyone’s adventures and get different their different perspectives, here. There is some serious talent coming together for this!
Check ’em all out:
If I weren’t me, I’d be so jealous of me. I cannot even believe the company I get to keep on this trip! Funny, smart, compassionate, kind, thoughtful, and provocative – this group is super well rounded and I think it’s going to make for a great story to follow. 
This is gonna be awesome. 
…..          …..          …..
If you could go on a short trip with any 8 people, who would you choose? Why?


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