The Weekend Roundup Roundup

I am lazy. This is a tested fact.

But some people aren’t lazy. And some of those non-lazy people take the time to round up the best of their interneting and post it in one spot so that others may benefit from the deep thinks, big feels, and belly lolz they experienced throughout the week.

Very nearly inspired by their hard work, I rounded up the round ups. You’re welcome, it was nothing.

Here’s A Weekend Roundup Roundup (Surf smart, kids!):

Rachel Held Evans Sunday Superlatives never disappoint. Deep thoughts and challenging challenges abound. (Also? Rachel decries the practice of stealing link round-ups… *ahem*)

Take a break from all that smart people stuff with Tastefully Offensive. (Guarantee you’ll find a cat gif or a pig meme that will change your life.)

Buzz over to Sarah Bessey’s space for a fat dose of cyber courage. Her links make my heart grow.

Need more lolz in your life? Pleated Jeans.  Just… trust me.
Photo Cred – kleine_moewe flickr

Ok. Over to Bronwyn Lea for a smattering of stuff for anyone from mommy bloggers to Christian culture connoisseurs.

And if you’re still not lost down the rabbit hole, there’s more good stuff to be had on On Pop Theology 

One last thing.

I’m showing up a bit late (per my M.O.), but I’m participating in Micha Boyett’s Community Lenten Instagram series. I love the idea of paying attention, like actually looking for the moments throughout the day where God finds us. I’ll be posting my #foundgrace instagram pics from @jamiethevwm, if you want to follow along, and I’ll be looking for your #foundgrace moments, too.

…       ….      …

Your turn!
What’s the best thing you read this week? 
What’s the best thing you wrote? 

Don’t be shy. TELL US!


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