The Very Worst Buyers Guide to Ethical Shopping.

When you talk about making a conscious effort to buy fair trade products from ethically responsible sources, you’ll find there are A LOT of people who share that burden and sincerely want to change there consumer habits, but who don’t know where to start.
 So today, instead of a nifty little raffle only one person can win, I want to give everyone a comprehensive shopping guide to aid in the search for positive ways to impact the world with purchase power. 

Shopping season nearly is upon us. *shudder*
Christmas is just around the corner, and I bet a few of you have already begun to accumulate the mountain of carefully selected gifts you’ll give this year. The normal people rest of us are just gearing up, collecting ideas, making lists, stalking Amazon for the cheapest perfect expression of our obligation to give everyone we’re forced to interact with a present for Jesus’ birthday love for our family and friends on Christmas. There really could be no better time to share a buyers guide for all you conscientious consumers than right now! 
But there is one teeeeeny tiiiiiny problem.
See, the thing is…. uuuuuuuuuummmmmmm….

Ok. Fine. I don’t actually have an Ethical Purchase Buyers Guide
What?! I’M SORRY!! Jeez, haven’t you ever heard “it’s the thought that counts”? Well, I THOUGHT about creating an awesome buying guide for you, but I am a busy-ass woman and I couldn’t rearrange my whole freaking life to save you a few minutes of Googling for the good of all mankind. So, yeah, sorry I couldn’t find time to do everything for you ..Sheesh. You can be so ungrateful. 
Oh, relax, I’m just kidding. 
Well. Not about the part where I said there’s no buyers guide. That’s true. There is no buyers guide. …Not yet, anyway. 
*sigh* Ok. So far, this is the worst buyers guide ever. I admit that. 
It’s just that, as I was thinking about putting one together, I realized it would be a lot of work a much better, longer, more comprehensive guide if we all worked together to create it. So, basically, I’m asking you to do some of the work for a change help out, and my hope is that you’ll be so excited about this little world-changing collective that you’ll jump in and make our list completely amazing. 
I made us a board on Pinterest (All the dudes are like, “Huh?”), and I want to fill it with all of your favorite, trusted, fair trade, ethically responsible brands and retailers. 

I tried to make it so anyone could pin to it, but apparently that’s not a thing, so here’s how this is gonna work:
If you want to contribute to the Very Worst Buyers Guide to Ethical Shopping: 
– First, click here to find the board called “Shop.”

– Then, in the comment section add a link to your favorite fair-trade, slave labor free, ethically-responsible brand or retailer, along with a short description or hashtag of their products (i.e. #menswear #jewelry #coffee #shoes #handbags #kidsclothes #babyjunk #whatevs). 
– Later, we’ll pin your link to the “Shop.” board for the benefit of everyone. 

– Last, if you’re on Pinterest, follow the “Shop.” board to see whenever new options for ethical purchases are added. 

– If you’re not on Pinterest, make your own list (I have no idea how. A pencil and paper, maybe? I can’t even remember what we did before Pinterest.) and check back often for new additions. Or just get with the program on Pinterest. 

(Psssssst. Hey. I’m looking for a couple of volunteers to help pin new links as they come in. If you’re interested in being invited to add to the board, raise your hand. Leave me a comment with your email address and I’ll add you. Thanks!)

We’re so close, you guys. Our super extensive, kickass, humanity-loving Buyers Guide to Ethical Shopping is practically a reality. Together, we’re gonna change the game of gross American consumerism! I just know it. 

Shop well, my friends, shop wisely. 

Maybe this Christmas, when we’re caught up in the madness of spending, the the chaos of wrapping, the love of giving, and warmth of receiving, our boisterous declarations of Joy to the World will be meaningful and True. Maybe this year, we can celebrate the birth of a Savior knowing we’ve made personal choices and leveraged our resources to do bring Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth, Peace and Good will toward men.

…….           ……..           ……..
Will you help me build a buyers guide for concious consumers? Pretty please?… 


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