Not exactly “Newsworthy”, but here we are…

I keep hearing that podcasts are the new blog, so I guess it’s a good thing Luke Norsworthy was kind enough to have me on his podcast, Newsworthy with Norsworthy.  
You should not listen to it. I promise. Instead, you should go over to Luke’s site and pick out a different interview, like this one with Donald Miller, or maybe this one with NT Wright, or definitely this one with Barbara Brown Taylor, and then listen to that. You will thank me. 
But if you do insist on listening to my interview, please accept my sincere apology in advance for the following: 
~ the overuse of the word “like”. 
~ that thing I said about Camaros
~ threatening to strangle an old lady
~ stretching “shit” into a 4 syllable word
~ the vagina story (Really, I am so, so, so, sorry about this. SO sorry.)

There. I have apologized and you have been warned. Do not write me an angry email.
Ok. Here you go…
…go listen to one of these actual newsworthy people. Seriously. 

Have I mentioned I’m sorry?…


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