I speak! Like, with my mouth.


It’s true. Sometimes, instead of slapping words up on the internet, I say them out loud…in front of a room full of people…who are staring at me. Ok, I guess it sounds kind of terrible when you put it like that, but it’s usually a pretty good time.

But for real. Sometimes I get invited to new and interesting places to share about stuff like God and Life and Missions with different groups of people. I’ve spoken at big conferences, little churches, women’s events, fundraisers, youth gatherings, and *ahem* Universities. I’ve also been interviewed, emceed fancy dinners, led discussions, and answered questions. Are you impressed? Me neither! But if you’re interested in having me come stand in front of your people and talk while they stare back politely, please feel free to contact my booking agent, Jim Chaffee. Jim is a super nice guy. He’ll hook you up.

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